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The odds are generated using an artificial neural network trained on thousands of NFL games.

Week 9

Favorite Favorite Odds Underdog Underdog Odds
Philadelphia Eagles-3233Houston Texans3233
Atlanta Falcons-144Los Angeles Chargers144
Miami Dolphins-223Chicago Bears223
Cincinnati Bengals-317Carolina Panthers317
Green Bay Packers-127Detroit Lions127
Las Vegas Raiders-108Jacksonville Jaguars108
New England Patriots-156Indianapolis Colts156
Buffalo Bills-223New York Jets223
Minnesota Vikings-270Washington Commanders270
Seattle Seahawks-317Arizona Cardinals317
Los Angeles Rams-122Tampa Bay Buccaneers122
Kansas City Chiefs-245Tennessee Titans245
Baltimore Ravens-355New Orleans Saints355
Week 9 profit: 40%

Week 9 forecasts were published on Nov 3rd, 2022. | GitHub commit fd67020d9b7c81e053183b655a210a2c67b4f060

Bold font indicates better odds than most sportsbooks at the time of forecasting.

Green highlighting indicates a correct forecast, while red highlighting indicates an incorrect forecast.

Disclaimer: This model is in early development, may generate skewed odds, and should not be used to place bets.

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