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The odds are generated using an artificial neural network trained on thousands of NFL games.

Week 18

Model Favorite
Model OddsSB Odds
Model Underdog
 Model OddsSB Odds
Atlanta Falcons-156-200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+156+170
Buffalo Bills-376-360
New England Patriots+376+295
Minnesota Vikings-355-300
Chicago Bears+355+250
Cincinnati Bengals-156-520
Baltimore Ravens+156+410
Houston Texans-150+135
Indianapolis Colts+150-155
Miami Dolphins-186-190
New York Jets+186+160
New Orleans Saints-127-180
Carolina Panthers+127+155
Cleveland Browns-150+125
Pittsburgh Steelers+150-145
Los Angeles Chargers-400+170
Denver Broncos+400-200
Philadelphia Eagles-257-1500
New York Giants+257+900
Seattle Seahawks-194-250
Los Angeles Rams+194+210
San Francisco 49ers-1150-1050
Arizona Cardinals+1150+700
Dallas Cowboys-300-325
Washington Commanders+300+270
Green Bay Packers-122-225
Detroit Lions+122+190

Week 18 forecasts were published on Jan 8th, 2023.

Prior to the game, predictions with a positive expected profit (sportsbook odds > model odds) are marked in golden highlighting.

Green highlighting indicates a favorable outcome, while red highlighting indicates an unfavorable outcome.

Disclaimer: This model is in early development, may generate skewed odds, and should not be used to place bets.

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